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About Jack McKown

My name is Jack McKown, and I am located in Central Texas (Austin/San Antonio) . I am the modern day, literal, Jack of All Trades.  Or, to be specific, I’m a composer, artist, pianist, vocalist, 3d computer graphics guy, motion graphics artist, video editor, sound designer, producer, audiobook narrator,….. (breathe deep) … Also, I have been in the past–an actor, a first mate,  a boat captain, resort manager, restauranteur, bar manager, and Apple Creative… (to mention a few). 

I have always had a passion for the Arts in general. But, hanging in my office is a Bachelor of Music in Theory and Composition from the University of Texas at San Antonio. Also, when Digital Music Production was merely a certificate, I earned that, along with one in Vocal Pedagogy. I am in the midst of completing my first symphony — of Crowbars, Neanderthals, and bliss: Symphony no. 1 in A, which will be ready for premiere by the end of the year.


Learning is important to me, so I often look for ways to improve myself or the world around me. Or, some way to better my art. About 6 months ago, I embarked on a learning journey that began as an idea for a web-design. It landed me here creating things I never imagined I’d be able to. I’m in a  world of possibilities for 3D art, design, effects, and visualizations and video. The prospects for use of these in mixed media presentations of music excite me quite a lot.

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