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About Jack McKown

Meet Jack McKown, the modern day, literal, Jack of All Trades.  A composer, artist, pianist, vocalist, 3D computer graphics guy, motion graphics artist, video editor, sound designer, producer, audiobook narrator,….. He has worked for companies ranging from Apple to small startups like Rhapsody Charters in the British Virgin Islands. He has taught music, performed professionally, and produced high quality audio and video assets for over 20 years. Always passionate about the arts, he holds a Bachelor of Music in Theory and Composition from the University of Texas at San Antonio. He is currently attending Berklee College of Music seeking a Masters degree in Film, TV and Video Game Scoring, and is still working on completing his first symphony — of Crowbars, Neanderthals, and bliss: Symphony no. 1 in A, which he is hoping to premiere by the end of the fall..


Always a curious person, and a perpetual student, Jack has recently taught himself 3D modeling and Motion Graphics Design, and plans to incorporate both these new skills into his music production and web designs. The prospects for mixed media web-designs are far reaching and will have a real impact on how we consume webpages from this point forward… Be prepared to have your socks knocked off when these go public.

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