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What’s the Hype?

This is a piece from May of 2020, and it is basically my audition to be the permanent composer for a Youtube channel. I know, I know… It was fun, but mostly because I was kind of backhandedly poking fun at the guy in the video. I mean, he doesn’t even know what school his “friend” actually attends. (he says UCLA, but everyone knows Cameron Burnett went to USC)

But–the BEST part about working with Millennials = never hearing a word from them after submitting everything they asked for! Not a “Thanks for your submission.”

No, “We’re going in a different direction…”

Not even a “We hired Hans Zimmer, but it was between you and him.”

Nonetheless, I had fun writing some slightly out of my norm music. As always, two versions — one music only, and one with dialogue.

Still frame from the youtube audition video.

With Dialogue

Without Dialogue

I would go on a bit more of a rant about the lack of professionalism that occurred here…

But I think instead, I’ll eat some frosted flakes in my mom’s basement. Then I’ll play some COD until my thumbs go numb.

I just hope that this kind of trend in business acumen isn’t here to stay for long. It’s hard enough looking for work as a composer, not to mention the time and effort put in to audition. And when you add in being ghosted by confrontation-fearing youtubers… It’s almost too much.

If you want to check out more of my music made for picture, it’s right here!

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