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Video Work Portfolio

What Is Possible in 48 Hours


One saving grace of being in a fast paced work environment is that you get comfortable doing things on tight deadlines. I re-manufactured this video from scratch in about 48 hours… With enough coffee, all things are possible. Everything from the 3D assets, to the Motion Graphics, voiceover, editing, and music were all completed within the 2 day timeframe.



This is an example of my editing and some (admittedly unpolished) scoring. Enjoy! 


footage from #cinestudy

Social Media/YOUTUBE Editing

These are two audition videos I edited for a Youtube Influencer. From the 18-20 hours of raw footage I was given, this is what came out in about a 36 hours from receiving the links to download to what you see here.

These videos contain adult language and violence. Viewer Discretion is advised.

Some portions have loud audio. Turn down the volume and protect your hearing. You have been warned.


This commercial I produced for the company I currently work for. Excluding the camerawork, I was solely responsible for executing this project. I did the editing, music, motion graphics, lower thirds, end screen, cleaning up and mastering the audio, and even VFX — There was a sconce on the wall behind the speaker, who also had a pimple on his forehead. Both of which I removed with some creative masking and compositing. Here is a still frame from the Original footage.

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Motion Graphics Examples


This is a collection of some of the animations and motion graphics I have created.


Some portions have audio. You have been warned.


A pitched concept for a long form ad for Wide Open Media (stock footage courtesy pixabay.com)

Storytelling through imagery

I cut this collection of stock footage together as a visual representation of the arrangement of the National Anthem I wrote. I’ve included it here so you can get a sense of my pacing, tempo, and instincts for clip placement.

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Short youtube video for a Restaurant


This is a video from 2011 that I did for Carmens de la Calle cafe in San Antonio, TX. I shot, edited, dubbed and mixed the video, as well as the motion graphics.

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