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Symphony No. 1 in A – of Crowbars, neanderthals, and bliss.

A new piece for orchestra – My first major opus. Symphony no. 1… These things all sound so grand–and completely unlike what I feel like I have earned, but nonetheless, it’s what it is.



I think the poem I wrote for YouTube puts it best:


Dedicated to the crowbars that smash cars,
the cash cows, the wine bars,
the whiskey sours, and pinot noirs,
to the tears we shed, and all of life’s scars.

To the neanderthals that brandish them,
may you find your peace somewhere deep within.
To the days before things got so grim,
And hell, I think it’s fair to say I’d be remiss,
if I didn’t also say —

— to bliss.

of Crowbars, Neanderthals, & bliss

Youtube - new piece for orchestra

soundcloud - new piece for orchestra

Symphony No. 1 in A, Of crowbars,
neanderthals, and bliss.

So these are the first three movements of what will eventually be a four movement new orchestral piece. Each of the movements represent a stage of my life over the years from 2018-2020. From pandemics, crazed jealous ex-boyfriends brandishing crowbars, to self-discovery, finishing degrees, and landing my first few composition gigs, and the utter feeling of mortal fear when you think “Do I really know how to do this?” (Hans Zimmer says it happens every time he begins a project) to moving cities and everything in between — There is a lot of material to draw from, that’s for sure. 


I hope you enjoy the ride just as much as I have. 


Also, if you are new to me and my music and you’ve enjoyed this new piece for orchestra, have a listen to some more.



1. Mirth

2. Truth

3. Depth

4. Rebirth

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