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The Same Kind of Broken, from the musical Drawn

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This is a piece from the concept musical, Drawn. (read more about it here).

This is sung by Lydia (main character James’s best friend) when she realizes she has fallen in love with her best friend’s husband.



I used to lie awake at night,
dreaming of my own Prince Charming…
But as is often the case with fairy tales,
Things aren’t always as they’re drawn


Theres no castles, gowns, or galas, nothing like a silver slipper…

But now you’re here, your arms surround me, my fears have all gone.

We’re the same kind of broken, you and me.

Imperfections colored outside the lines, 

Who knows when and who knows why?

Those of us that break the mold aren’t perfect, 

but it means that we can fly

We’re the same kind of broken, you and I

We don’t often do the things we’re told,

But at least we never lie…


Now I’ve grown old, and I’ve grown jaded…
My dreams have come, and gone… and faded.
But looking in your eyes has taught me
just how strong we are inside.
We’re the same kind of broken, me and you.
It may not be a fairy tale, but at least it’s colored true.

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