Jack McKown

the jack of all trades

Pineapple Company Portfolio

Most Recent Work


This commercial I produced for the company I currently work for. Excluding the camerawork, I was solely responsible for executing this project. I did the editing, music, motion graphics, lower thirds, end screen, cleaning up and mastering the audio, and even VFX — There was a sconce on the wall behind the speaker, who also had a pimple on his forehead. Both of which I removed with some creative masking and compositing.

Here is a still frame from the Original footage.

Storytelling through imagery

I cut this collection of stock footage together as a visual representation of the arrangement of the National Anthem I wrote. I’ve included it here so you can get a sense of my pacing, tempo, and instincts for clip placement.

Motion Graphics Examples

This is a collection of some of the animations and motion graphics i have worked on.

Short youtube video for a Restaurant


This is a video from 2011 that I did for Carmens de la Calle cafe in San Antonio, TX. I shot, edited, dubbed and mixed the video, as well as the motion graphics.

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