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Forum-Direct Commercial

I wrote the music for this commercial (national), on request by the owner of the company. It often gets featured at FBINA conferences where Forum-Direct is a sponsor.

When the owner approached me for this project, his only direction or request was simple:

“Something patriotic…”

I think I managed to evoke that feeling that he was going for. Have a listen and let me know what you think in the comments below.

Also, in a subsequent post, I will be showing the “professional” edit and production done by a local company that shall remain nameless, and you’ll understand why when you see their work.

But for now, the two versions here are 1) as produced, and 2) without dialogue and the music level raised.

See more music to picture here.

Paul Butler in the Forum-Direct Commercial

Full Commercial with Music
and dialogue

Play with Dialogue

Music for Commercial
Without dialogue

Play without Dialogue

Forum-Direct is a subsidiary of Forum Industries Inc., located in San Antonio, TX. They manufacture outerwear for law enforcement primarily. However, anyone can order their products at their website. So, check them out and see what Gore-Tex can do for you.

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