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Music for Film-Longing Suspense

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This cue is a workup for an idea I had for some music for film. It came about as a draft of the third movement of Symphony no. 1. Perhaps it sounded a lot like music by Hans Zimmer, from a Batman or Inception era film to me. Because of that, I went for it and this is what came about.

The basic idea of the slowly evolving strings in this cue is the two chord motif. It stemmed out of one of the early drafts I composed for the opening of the third movement of Symphony no. 1. And so, I set the draft aside to develop for this idea: a film music cue that had a dark and brooding sense of longing that gives a similar feeling to what a person might experience with grief–reiterating in their head how the good times felt, and how that differs from now.

Also, the percussive driving bass almost propels you forward, which creates a sense of inevitability. This is rather similar to the way one feels when experiencing the grieving process. Or, perhaps, is longing for something they once had but cannot have any more. The third element added a sense of depth and emotional variant to this piece. It isn’t very noticeable at first, but builds throughout the work until you realize there is a definite dissonance to the piano coming through the texture. Almost like whale-song or human wails, the sound produces a goosebump inducing chill.

I hope you enjoy this snippet, and if you’d like to hear more music I’ve written for film, it’s available here.

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