Jack McKown

the jack of all trades

Composition Demo Reel

You’ll find below Jack’s demo reel — mostly it’s a showcase of his music. There are some examples of his 3D and motion graphics work, however. The most prominent of these being the introductory titles, and the black hole sequence.

Here is a link to the same reel on YouTube.

Jack McKown Namelogo

In the video above you’ll find several highlights from Jack’s work. Prominently featured is his Symphony no. 1, which is still a work in progress. He is aiming to have the fourth and final movement finished by the end of 2021, So check back for updates as that takes form. 

Also, we would like to apologize for the awkward cutting of text in the youtube audition section — It was purely a timing issue, and without letting the whole dialogue play itself out, there was no way to break it up any better.

This demo reel represents a good chunk of Jack’s style and how varied his musical ability really is. If you got here by searching for someone to score your film or short videos, you may want to check out his entry to the BIFSC. Or, his commercial for Forum-Direct (a manufacturing company in San Antonio, TX).

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